Kilo - Euroscrubby

Code: 10981


Perfect for scrubbing pots and pans and all kinds of solid surfaces. It can be used on Teflon-type pans as well as on glass and ceramic stovetops without scratching.

Cleaning Enameled Cast Iron Cookware.

Scrubbing Root Vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots etc.).

Cleaning Fridge, Stoves & Sinks.

Cleans Chrome.

Removes Hard Water Deposits.

Cleaning Camping Gear.

Removes Bug Deposits from Windshields.

Great for cleaning Ceramic Floors.

Gives wood a soft worn look.

Good for cleaning golf clubs & other sport equipment.

Great for cleaning outdoor furniture.

​Various colours available, so one will be sent out at random.


Kilo - Euroscrubby