Why we love NKUKU

Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 14:00


We are super proud of many of the brands we stock, Nkuku is one of them.

Each item from Nkuku is a hand crafted piece, the skills used to create their products are often passed down from generations.

“We value this age-old knowledge and hope to help keep it alive. We love the character in each item, the handmade nature of our products is what we believe sets us apart. We want to protect these skills.”

Many of the materials used are often recycled using waste left over from other industries, including cotton, glass, metals and leather.

“Recycling allows us to create new and beautiful products with less impact on our environment.”

Nkuku like to work closely with their suppliers from all over the world, encouraging strong relationships between them and the small businesses and co operatives they work with to maintain mutual success.

“Our primary focus is transparency, we see our suppliers more as partners and encourage open dialogue and communication.”

Overall we love their ethics and we love their products and we now have a huge range of Nkuku filling up our shop! so come and check out for yourself why we love them so much!

See you soon!